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Wear your favorite color or stack them for a fun look! Each gemstone imparts unique qualities such as confidence, abundance or joy. Start with one bracelet and collect them all! Each cuff is formed by carefully hammering the sterling to nestle the gemstones, giving each piece a uniquely organic look. The interior is inscribed with a reminder of the unique meaning of the gemstone of your choice. Choose a cuff that will cultivate the qualities you desire in your life.


Tourmalinated Quartz, even in it's black and white appearance, is all about balancing opposites: yin and yang energies; helping to focus on the here and now, not the past or present.

Orange Garnet, also called “Cinnamon Stone” for its color, has been used for centuries as a talisman for good health and happiness

Labradorite had been worn to protect against anything negative and who, even the most optimistic among us, couldn't use a little protection now and then.

Apatite is valuable for it’s uplifting energy and to help you gain perspective so you don’t get mired in the muck.

Nestled Gemstones Cuff Bracelet

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