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A donnaodesigns original! This ring features your loved one's actual handwriting or doodles on a ring. This eye-catching piece is sure to be cherished for years to come and is perfect as a Mother's Day gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, memorial piece, etc.

You can preserve a selection of handwritten words from a letter/note/card on a beautiful sterling ring that's sure to be appreciated every time you glance at your hand. The band is approximately 12mm wide and has a concave shape for style and comfort. Just let me know if you'd prefer a wider or more narrow band.

I can use handwriting from a card, letter, or just about anything on a white background as long as it is a high contrast image. Please purchase the listing before submitting the writing sample. To submit, just scan it, save it as a JPEG and email it to

Actual Handwriting Concave Wide Ring

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