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Hello! I'm Donna, creator and designer behind donnaodesigns and Donna Okino Jewelry. I handcraft jewelry and accessories in sterling silver and gold and love combining texture, shapes, and color to create sparkle and visual interest.

I've always wanted a creative career, but was sidetracked when I pursued a career in science, thinking it was better to have a “real” job. I came full circle when I went from science to science cartooning to jewelry making. On a whim I decided to take a metal forging class and I never looked back. I spend my days in the studio creating pieces of wearable metal art and couldn't be happier.

I begin most of my designs by drawing them on paper before starting work on precious metal. I prefer rustic looking jewelry, a little uneven, with a patina that gives it a sense of age. I don’t think jewelry should be perfect and flawless and I have to counteract the perfectionist in me to make each piece perfectly imperfect. My goal is to make a unique piece that you will treasure for years to come.

handmade jewelry metalsmith minimalist nature inspired soulful jewelry
handmade meaningful jewelry abhaya pendant sanskrit
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